Frequently asked questions

Read about the motivation that leads the conference.

How can I register to attend?

You can register online starting 20/09 2019, or you can register on site at or in person at LIMU.

Who should attend?

Educational policy makers.

Presidents & vice-presidents of universities.

Deans/ vice deans of medical faculties and allied faculties.

HP educationists.

Teaching staff.

Undergraduate & postgraduate medical students

What type of presentation I can share in?

You can submit to present in several categories – oral presentations, preconference workshops, Medical education Park (MedEd Park).

I'm an exhibitor. How can I register?

Online registration for exhibit booths and personnel begins 1st of November, 2019.

What are the differences between the types of sessions?

poster presentation, or facilitated poster session, is when the authors of the posters present their findings. They are in groups, divided by theme, of up to 12 presenters. These group sessions last for 90 minutes, and are facilitated by a faculty member. Each presentations lasts for 5 minutes, with 2-3 minutes for questions after. Once a presentation is finished, you move on to the next poster in that grouping.

An oral presentation is a group of up to 6 individual presenters that have been grouped together based on theme and or topic. Research papers are allowed 15 minutes to present, and 5 minutes for questions. Experts’ lectures are for 25 minutes.

workshop is a 120 minute presentation. The presentation is highly interactive & motivating with hands-on participation.

MedEd Park:  this is a free space for informal presentations. You can express your view on medical education in whatever format you like.

What are the fees to attend the conference?

100 LYD for participants, 50 LYD for attending the main conference & 25 LYD for each workshop.


What does my registration fee include?

In addition to attending the main conference, your fee covers the certificate, coffee breaks, snacks and lunch box.

What is the conference schedule?

The final conference schedule will be released online on 17th of November, 2019. Meanwhile, check the provisional program at Program

What should I wear?

Business casual attire, with layers (it may be chilly or warm inside one of the presentations), and comfortable shoes.

When will the exhibit hall be open?

Friday November 30, 08:30 to 18:30 (During Opening Reception), Saturday December 1st, 08:30 to 19:30

Why attend?

The medical education conference is a real opportunity for you to update your knowledge and enhance your competence in the field of education.

Will I receive a certificate of attendance?


Are workshops included in conference registration?

You can register in each separately. The conference & the workshops each have their own fees, All workshops, oral presentations and poster presentations are first come, first served.

Where is the conference held?

Campus of the Libyan International Medical University, Kairawan, street, Benghazi, Libya