Contribution Type

Conference workshops

You need to register for the workshops. Duration of workshops is scheduled as 2 hours. They should be highly motivating, interactive and have hands on training. The fee for attending is 25 LYD per workshop to be paid at the registration desk. You may use your own computer in the workshop. If you are using a Mac or tablet, make sure whether you need a data projector adaptor.


Structure: background, summary of work, results, discussion, conclusions & take-home messages. Word count: 350. Orientation in portrait (Landscape orientation is not accepted). Dimensions 95*140 cm at most. Posters should NOT be sent to us in advance. Your responsibility to fix it on the stand no. designated for you. Posters will be in place from 12 midday on 30th November, 2019 till 8 pm from 1st of December, 2019. Poster fixing material will be provided by the local organizers. Method of running the poster session: a designated chair person will lead the round. Each presenter is allowed 5 minutes for presentation and 1-2 minutes for discussion. In addition to that, presenters should be available at their posters at coffee & lunch times as a minimum. In case you are not around, please fix a note on the posters stating when you are available.

Research papers

Research papers represent original work on Medical Education. Papers will be grouped based on their theme. Each presentation is for 20 minutes including 5 minutes for discussion.

Abstract structure: Introduction, methods, results, discussion & Conclusion, key words. Word count up to 400.  May include 1-2 references.

Deadline for submission:  14:00 pm (Libya local time) on 25th of October, 2019. Decisions will be notified at most by 14.00 pm on 17th of November.

Common reasons for rejection:

  1. Unclear research question.
  2. Significant lack of methodological details.
  3. English level significantly below average.
  4. Poor abstract structure.
  5. Not related to Health Professional Education (e.g. clinical studies)

MedEd Park

This section offers the possibility of presenting your point of view on any aspect of Medical Education either locally or internationally. Just till us what do you think. Don’t bother yourself with evidence or even literature resources. You may comment on curricular, extracurricular or even cultural aspects related to Medical Education including allied health professions such as pharmacy, physiotherapy, nutrition, psychotherapy etc. Postgraduate students are most welcome to express their views on their training.

Just be there to be heard to.

Submission guidelines for “MedEd Park”

Title, authors names, presenter name, any format is acceptable, reasonable English, word count less than 250.

You should use your computer for presentation.

Duration of each presentation is 5 minutes with 2 minutes discussion.