Medical Education Conference 2022

Nov. 26-28, 2022, Benghazi, Libya.

About MEC 2022

The Libyan International Medical University (LIMU) aspires towards developing and upgrading the standards of Health Professional Education in Libya and the region. LIMU has gained relatively high ranks in international university classifications when compared to its recent establishment, small size and financial constraints … read more

Where to publish?

All accepted papers will be published in the Libyan International Medical Journal. (Optional)

Important to know

Submission Deadline:

14:00 pm (Libya local time) on

30th, Oct 2022.


Open from 15th, July 2022


MEC2022 touches upon new instructional and assessment methods, curriculum development and accreditation of Higher Education Institutions. . .


Technology-based learning.

International accreditation.

Curriculum development.

Faculty development.

Student assessment.

Featured Talks & Speakers

Abdo Asmar

Prof. Abdo Asmar

Medicine and Medical Education at
The University of Central Florida, College of Medicine.

Dr. Mohammad Malkawi

Dr. Mohammad Malkawi

Professor of computer and software engineering at Jordan University of Science and Technology.
Consultant to the Association of Arab University on Digital Transformation.

Khabab Abdelmoneim

Dr. Khabab Abdelmoneim

MSc MLS, MHPED, PgCert Assessment & Accreditation. Lecturer, Medical Laboratory Sciences & Health Professions Education University of Science and Technology UST, Sudan. Quality & Governance Consultant, Libyan International Medical University LIMU, Benghazi, Libya.

Prof. Adel Altawaty

Prof. Adel Altawaty

Consultant & Professor of Paediatric Gastroenterology. Health Professional Educationist. Education Consultant, Libyan International Medical University.

Mohamed Elhassan

Dr Nagwa Nashat Hegazy

Associate professor of Family medicine, Family Medicine Department. Director of the Medical education and human resources Center, Menoufia University. Fellowship (ASU MENA-FRI) Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER). Project Advisor in the international FAIMER Institute. Associate trainer in the Training of trainer’s (TOT-CPT) certified from International Board of Certified Trainers, Middle East and North Africa region (IBCT-MENA).

Mohamed Elhassan

Dr. Mohamed Elhassan

Senior Lecturer in Medical Education, School of Medicine-University of Limerick, Ireland. Co-Chair Taskforce of Social Accountability and Accreditation, The network-TUFH. Chairperson, Group on Social Accountability, Association of Medical Education in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (AMEEMR).

Dr. Mohammad Malkawi

Professor. Mohammed Ahmed Hassanien

Professor of Medical Education and Clinical Biochemistry.
Consultant of Vice president for Educational Affairs, King Abdulaziz University and Head of Assessment Unit, College of Pharmacy, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Mohammad Malkawi

Dr. Hassan Elbahri

Consultant Orthopedic Oncology. Associate Professor Orthopedic Surgery, International University of Africa, IUA. Master of Health Professional Education, SMSB. Orthopedic Oncology fellowship UM University Malaysia. AO trauma fellowship ULM University- Germany. Clinical MD Orthopedic Surgery. Sudan Medical Specialization Board.

Mohamed Elhassan

Dr. Majed M. Wadi

Physician and Medical Educationist. Former Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs at Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Science and Technology, Yemen. Coordinator of the Assessment Unit, College of Medicine and a member of the Progress Test, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia.

Mohamed Elhassan

Dr. Mohamed Hassan Taha

MBBS, PG Dip, MSc HPE, Ph.D., FAcadMEd. Director of Medical Education Center. Coordinator of the Master of Leadership in Health Professions Education. College of Medicine and Medical Education Center, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Mohammad Malkawi

Dr Omar Abdelrazig Abdalla

Senior Medical Laboratory Science Specialist – Microbiology. Training Director Medical Laboratory Sciences Council, Sudan Medical Specialization Board. Board Member and Former Training Director, National Council for Medical and Health Professions. Master of Health Profession Education HPED.

Vishna Devi Nadarajah

Prof. Vishna Devi Nadarajah

Professor in the School of Medicine and Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Education, International Medical University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Masters in Health Professions Education from Maastricht University. Member of the international editorial board of the journal Medical Education.

Muhamad Saiful

Dr. Muhamad Saiful Bahri Yusoff

MD, MScMEd, PhD Associate Professor. Head, Department of Medical Education, School of Medical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia. President, Malaysian Association of Education in Medicine & Health Science (MAEMHS). Editor in Chief, Education in Medicine Journal, Penerbit USM. Editorial Board Member, Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences, Elsevier. Regional Director of East Asia & National Coordinator, International Society for Emotional Intelligence.

Mohamed Elhassan

Sarah Taber

Managing Director of the Office of Standards and Assessment at the Royal College Canada. Former Associate Director, Education Strategy and Accreditation. Qmentum Accreditation Program Research and Development at Accreditation Canada. Master of Health Administration, the University of Ottawa.

Mohamed Elhassan

Prof. Samar Ahmed

Associate Dean Academic Affairs, Dubai Medical Collage for Girls. Dubai UAE. Former National ERASMUS Coordinator at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Egypt. Former Director at Ain Shams Middle East North Africa FAIMER Regional Institute for Health Professions Education. Professor in the department of forensic medicine and toxicology at Ain Shams University

Dr. Mohammad Malkawi

Prof. Ali M. Ghellai

Professor, Surgery, Hepatobiliary Surgery. Certified American Board of Surgery. Fellow, American College of Surgeons, FACS. Fellow, International College of Surgeons, Hepatobiliary, and Pancreatic Surgery, FICSHB.

Vishna Devi Nadarajah

Prof Abdelmoniem Sahal Elmardi

Professor of Anatomy & Medical Education, Dubai Medical Collage for Girls. Dubai UAE —- to — Prof Abdelmoniem Sahal Elmardi, Professor of Anatomy & Medical Education, Dubai Medical College for Girls. Dubai UAE

Mohamed Elhassan

Professor. Karim Qayumi

Founder and CEO Interactive Health International (IHI). President and CEO President CanHealth International. Professor of Surgery at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Founder of the UBC Centre of Excellence for Simulation Education and Innovation (CESEI). Regional Director of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Mohamed Elhassan

Dr. Omer Eladil Hamid

Associate Professor of Medicine – Neurology and Health Professions Education. Founder for HPED Master international at the University of Africa. Member of Arab Council for Health Specializations- Neurology – Medicine Council, Jordan. Member of Sudan Medical Specialization Board – Medicine – Neurology. Former Dean Faculty of the Medicine International University of Africa. MSc Neurology London, FRCP London

Dr. Mohammad Malkawi

Dr. Anas Zarmouh

Head of Directorate for Education and Training Quality, General Healthcare Council. Consultant in General and Respiratory Medicine, Misurata Medical Centre. Teaching Staff Faculty of Medicine

Vishna Devi Nadarajah

Professor. Dhastagir Sultan Sheriff.

Visiting Professor, AUSN University of Sovereign Nations. Member of National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. Resource person for UNESCO. Authored five books including a textbook on medical biochemistry. Published editorials in the British Journal of Sexology, Journal of Royal Society of Medicine, Postgraduate Medicine, and Scientist.

Mohamed Elhassan

Dr Mohamed Saad Ambarek

Associate professor of orthopedic surgery.
President, Libyan International Medical University.

Mohamed Elhassan

Prof. Gohar Wajid

Medical Educationist at the University of Dammam, KSA. Visiting Professor of Medical Education at the University of Lahore & Riphah International University.
Technical officer, WHO EMRO Egypt.

Dr. Mohammad Malkawi

Dr. Abdalla Abdljalell Mohammed

General Director, National Center for Quality and Accreditation of Training and Educational Institutes.

Vishna Devi Nadarajah

Dr. Abdelmjed Ataib Shaban

Accreditation Department Manager, National Center for Quality and Accreditation of Training and Educational Institutes.

Mohamed Elhassan

Dr. Salem Sherif Elfard

Quality Assurance Department Manager, National Center for Quality and Accreditation of Training and Educational Institutes.

Mohamed Elhassan

Dr. Sabri Gabran Mohammed Elkrghli

Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, Libyan International University.

Dr. Mohammad Malkawi

Dr. Othman Tajoury,

MD, MRCS.eng. FEBS(euro. Board), Consultant General & Laparoscopic surgery. Head Unit of Research & Consultation, Faculty of Medicine LIMU

Vishna Devi Nadarajah

Prof Amer Eltwati

Professor of General Surgery, Consultant General Surgeon Sebha University. Vice President of Libyan Board of Medical Specialties.

Mohamed Elhassan

Prof Mohamed Sasi Younis.

Senior Consultant Cardiac Surgeon. President of the Libyan Board of Medical Specialties. Honorary Prof of Surgery Faculty of Medicine Tripoli university

Dr. Mohammad Malkawi

Dr. Magdi Awad Sasi

Consultant Medicine – Cardiology. Supervisor Libyan Medical Board Seven October Hospital. Lecturer Faculty of Medicine Benghazi University. Former Lecturer Libyan International Medical University. WHO Clinical Expert and Trainer during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vishna Devi Nadarajah

Dr. Arif Al-Areibi

Associate professor, Western University, Canada. Accreditation Advisor, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
Former residency and fellowship director, Western University, Canada

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